Cultivating Change 

Cultivating change is our approach to facilitating the shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations  from a current state to a desired future state.

We work with you to analyse, define approach and implement the 'people 'interventions needed to make change happen.

We focus on behaviours and those elements that  affect behaviours.

These include 

o Changes in Organisational Design 

o Role Profiling and best "fit" 

o Coaching for development through change programmes

o Aligning reward strategies for target behaviours

o Etiquette and culture

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Organisational Design

For leaders who understand that an organisation design has an impact on the way it behaves.

It can effect performance.

Design is analysed where there is :

  • Change to be implemented
  • New leadership
  • Lack of ownership
  • Lack of focus
  • Mistrust between leaders and the rest of the organisation
  • Unwanted behaviours
  • Delays in decision making
  • Duplication and waste

Aligning reward strategies for target behaviours

For leaders who understand that reward strategies have an impact on the way individuals and the organisation behaves.

Mis-aligned rewards strategies can been seen as

  • Lack of ownership
  • Unwanted behaviours
  • Conflict
  • Mistrust between teams and groups
  • Mis-aligned decision making
Cultivating change, organisational design, coaching
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Identifying and managing talent

For leaders who understand that it is important to

Find the right resources for specific roles that are critical for the business today.

Find resources that show potential for contribution to the business in the future.

To avoid:

  • under performance
  • lack of ownership
  • conflict in teams
  • problems with well-being
  • resourcing shortages
  • skill shortages

Continuous Improvement

For Leaders who understand that no one stands still and that in order to achieve and maintain high performance, and to retain staff, a focus on developing in the right direction is important. Continuous Improvement is important to individuals and to teams and groups. Having a strategy for the social development of a community can have a significant impact.

To avoid

  • de-motivation
  • lack of focus
  • decrease in performance
  • well-being issues
  • attrition

Etiquette and culture

For leaders who want to align their orgainsations to strategy and who want consistency in behaviour and performance

To avoid

  • variation in performance
  • inconsistency across organisational borders
  • re-inventing the wheel

Coaching through change and beyond

For Leaders who understand that change may be hard for teams and individuals and that people resisting change can mean failure.

To avoid

  • failure to acceptance change
  • failure to adopt
  • unwelcome behaviour
  • reduction in engagement
  • failed commitments
  • reduction in performance
  • ...and sabotage
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