Mental Toughness
Coaching Development Programme

Are you looking to...

...understand how your mental toughness affects your performance   

...increase your mental toughness in certain situations   

... looking to transform the way you ride ‘storms’  

... be prepared for change

The programmes aim is for managers to understand their strengths in nine areas that are linked to success and mental toughness. These are self-belief, ambition, resilience, self-management, optimism, determination, independence, competitiveness and adaptability

Outcomes from the programme:

  • understanding of the key elements of mental toughness
  • understanding of personal mental toughness profiles 
  • understanding potential difficult situations associated with the mental toughness areas and how to handle them 
  • identify any desired development and take some of these and some associated techniques to the workplace and keep a coaching journal
  • self learning from action, coaching and reflection

The programme uses...

  • personal behaviour and mental toughness profiles, neuroscience based
  • objective and action plan for coaching
  • reflective journal for completion
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