Project Coaching

Trans4rm provides project coaching solutions that challenge values, beliefs and personal identity.

Our challenge is focused on increasing performance within project organisations.

We work with individuals, SME's and large Corporates.

We work with individuals, teams and groups.

We offer project coaching in the form of

  • One-off 1-1 face-to-face sessions, 2 hours in length
  • On-going sessions. 
    A popular option is to chooses 6 sessions that are a mix of face-to-face and telephone
  • A behaviour profiling assessment, followed by a 2 hour feedback session and 6 coaching sessions.
  • Creating High Performing Teams, which is in general 6 two hour team coaching sessions.
  • Project Coaching Team Sessions at a selection or all stages of the project life- cycle 
  • Team Coaching Workshops to work on specific challenges. These can be one-off sessions or a series of sessions.
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...provides, for an organisation, a channel to make fuller use of the collective talent and potential of teams and an individuals. It results in higher organisational performance and therefore value. It intrinsically motivates people, facilitating transformational changes, cultural changes and relationships between people and departments.

...provides, for a team, a channel to make fuller use of collective talent, that finds motivation, support and challenge from within, resulting in a high performing team .

...allows, for an individual, to make fuller use of their talent and move them closer to their full potential. It increases their motivation and their openness to learning, increasing knowledge. It supports individuals through change whether promotion, operational or project.

Our Project Coaching focuses on project organisations including service management roles. Opportunity for development are found in many of the organisations roles and in teams, for example

  • Project Managers, Project Directors, Project Sponsors, PMO Managers, Project Teams Project Management Teams
  • Programme Managers, Programme Directors, Programme Sponsors, Programme Management Teams, Programme Management Office Managers
  • Change Managers, Change Directors, Sponsors of Change, Change Teams, Change Management Teams
  • Service Managers, Service Directors

Project Coaching is used to create and sustain high performing project and programme delivery capabilities.

Project Coaching, Team, High Performance

How does coaching make an impact?

Areas specific to the different practices and roles

Project Management Coaching - for project managers, directors, sponsors, management office and teams

Programme Management Coaching - programme managers, directors, sponsors, management office and teams

Service Management Coaching - service managers and directors

Change Management Coaching - Managers of change, Directors of change, sponsors and change management office and change teams

Areas that are generic across all roles for project organisations.

  • You are new in role
  •  You wish to develop your career to the next level
  •  You wish to develop to be the leader you wish to be
  • You need to balance your leadership, follower and team member skills
  •  You get 'stuck' and need to work out how you move yourself forwards
  •  You need someone on your side
  • Stress is increasing
  • You need to increase your confidence
  • You are looking to grow your network
  • You need to leverage your network 

Areas that are generic across management teams.

  • New Management Team and/ or changes in Management Team
  • Create a high performing team that is effective and supportive
  • Move management team to agreed vision, strategy and approach
  • Mutually agree etiquette for handing the leadership baton between the members of the leadership team to make sure the most appropriate person leads to their strengths and weaknesses are minimised
  • Team does not operate as a coherent single element of leadership

Areas that are generic across teams.

  • Ensure expectations are understood by the team as a whole
  • Facilitate collaboration
  •  One person or a sub-group of people is overpowering team consensus
  • Some team members feel that they are not being listened to
  • Team is not taking ownership of what they need to do
  • Team is not delivering
  •  Team has diverted from what is required though is very busy
  • Team is not communicating to the outside world
  •  'Groupthink' is present in team discussion

Reading suggestions:

APM Emerging Treands : Coaching in the Project Environment

If you would like to find out more about our
programmes and services, please
call us on +44 (0)776 232 8462 or
fill out our enquiry form

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