What is Project Management?
Top 10 responsibilities

Project Management is a discipline that exists to increase the probability of successfully meeting the project objectives.

But, what is it?

In order to clarify we have included our view of the top 10 responsibilities of the role 

  1. Owner

    The owner of the process to achieve the objective objectives.

    This means that they are responsible for making sure that the end result is achieved.

    What does this mean?

    The reality of being the owner means that in order to meet their responsibility a number of tasks are performed to checks that the work done...

    ... meets the agreed objective

    ..... is going to be completed on time

    ......... is within budget

    ............. is of agreed quality

  2. Planner

    Manage the process of defining what the end objective looks like.

    What needs to be bough, what actions need to happen, what people are needed and when things need to be done.

    Create a work breakdown structure, prepare a project plan, outline the finances and define a validation and verification approach in order to make sure that what is delivered is of required quality.

    Planning and re-planning is an ongoing task.

    At regular intervals progress is measured and where anything has changed re-planning happens.

  3. Analyser

    There will be many times when issues arise where what is seen initially may not be the full picture.

    Facts and information will not always be apparent.

    The task is to unearth all information, analyse it in order to make valid decisions.

  4. Reporter

    Report project progress on a regular basis.

    Report whether the project will be delivered to scope, on time, to budget and to expected quality.

    Communicate any issues that are important and actions being taken in order to sort them.

    Report on any key risks that may become reality and the status of these risks. This includes the probability of the risk happening, any activities that can help mitigate / avoid the risk and also the impact if the risk is realised.

  5. Leader

    It has been said that the most important thing a leader can achieve, it to have followers.

    This is true for a project manager and their team.

    Whether they are a leader due to personal power or organisational design and their position the task of achieving project success lies in their followers.

    It is the team that makes the end result a reality.

  6. Negotiator

    Everyone comes with problems, disagreements and issues.

    In order to make sure that the project is successful negotiation skills will be used regularly.

    The focus is to achieve win-win outcomes. This is of course not always possible. It is important to understand what compromises will be accepted and/or fought for.

  7. Motivator

    When targets are in reach and energy is high the task is to keep people on track.

    When deadlines are tight and the task seems impossible, there is a need to keep spirits high and people focused. The task is to make sure that all eyes remain on the end result.

  8. Mediator and Harmoniser

    Disagreements and conflict arise when people work together.

    The task is to facilitate a successful outcome for these occurrences.

    The voice of reason, independent and non-judgemental

  9. Corrector

    At times activities will run off track, focus will be diffused, people will be de-motivated.

    The project management task is to redress the balance.

    To analyse the situation and take appropriate action.

  10. Coach

    Coach the team around project delivery

    This is done on an individual basis and on a team basis. Foster collaboration and self-management.

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If you would like to find out more about our
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