Team Leadership
Top 10 Behaviours

If you are in a Team Leadership role, or about to enter one here are 10 behaviours that we believe will help you.

It is by no means a full list, but includes key areas that will help you to succeed

  1. Gravitas

    Work out what people admire in your style of leadership and display these characteristics in everything that you do.

    Behave in a manner that returns respect.

    When people have respect, they behave in a way that shows this.

  2. Set Culture

    Culture always flows from above.

    As a leader, involve people from within and outside you're team in conversations about what works and what doesn't.

    Let the team set the values that guide how they are going to work.

  3. Provide Vision and Direction

    Understand where you are taking the team.

    Communicate you're vision and be open to feedback. Use the feedback to develop your vision and allow team members to have a connection to the journey they are undertaking.

  4. Communicate Openly

    Facilitate open communication through example.

    Make sure that you are not seen as a blocker for information coming in to the team or going out of the team.

    Gain agreement as to the channels of communication that will be formal and create the relationships that allows you to be part of the informal communication channel.

  5. Communicate Expectations

  6. Communicate your Expectations

    Get feedback and input to validate alignment.

    Maintain checkpoints to make sure that expectations and delivery do not diverge.

  7. Build Trust

    Build trust in both directions.

    It is important to visibly show that you believe in your team members.

    Be consistent in the way you approach innovative ideas, achievements and problems.

    Show in your actions as well as your words.Team members need to feel valued and appreciated.

    Build their trust in you. Be open and honest. Act with integrity.

  8. Pass the Baton

    As a leader, you need to be prepared to pass the leadership person when someone else is the best person for a scenario.

    Make sure that they are comfortable for the baton to be passed and that they understand when to pass the baton back Be supportive as they hold the baton

  9. Effuse Confidence

    Show confidence in yourself as a leader.

    Be authentic and behave with integrity.

    Hold back on your personal power when it's use is not appropriate.

    Show personal control in times of stress.

  10. Allow people to shine

    Team members need to feel appreciated and that their skills are respected.

    Make use of opportunities to allow them to shine.

    Team Leadership includes supporting the development and visibility of team members. Be consistent in approach with all team member. Do not miss opportunities for those who are not naturally exuberant.

  11. Celebrate Achievements

    Many small steps take you along the road to success.

    Motivate and encourage each achievement along the road however small through celebration.

    Match the celebration to the impact of the achievement.

    Have integrity when celebrating.

Leading Teams

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If you would like to find out more about our
programmes and services, please
call us on +44 (0)776 232 8462 or
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