Leadership Development for Client Service Directors

A case study for leadership development

The Situation

The business need - to strengthen the  Client Service Director capability within the organisation in order to support the growth of the business, and the trend of winning more large contracts.

The challenge

to increase the number of international business service managers that can...

...work at a strategic level with the client

  • Manage complex, multi-service streams
  • Have “gravitas” and credibility as Client Service Directors

...from talented client service managers who

  • tend to run at a more tactical level
  • run smaller/less complex services,
  • lack experience/exposure to bigger commercial/client issues

The Actions 

An initial discussion was held where the business requirements were discussed and the target role for larger contracts was outlined. 

Trans4rm proposed a programme based on Trans4rm’s own delegate driven methodology that is coaching based.

We initiated the first 12 development programme in 2010

Trans4rm Client Service Directors Leadership Programme

Six months in to the programme we had a request to plan a second programme as the results were visible.

We proceeded to review and update the programme on an ongoing basis and a third programme was then run

The programme was presented jointly with the client at the IT Service Management Conference. The presentation is available to download.

The Results

  • Visible growth within 6 months, which prompted the request for a second programme
  • 50% attendees moved up in the organization within a timeframe
  • Visible strong personal growth from ALL attendees
  • Delegates placed in succession planning for more senior roles

And then...

Contract value of the delegate has increased significantly or contract(s) of the attendee shows improvement in one of the KPI’s below.

  • Margin improvement
    • Greater than 2%
    • Add on Sales
    • Cumulatively revenue up over 35 M€
  • Customer satisfaction
    • Stable or increased a few points.
  • Innovation – lots - examples:
    • Offshoring solutions
    • Director BPO Productivity 100% improved
    • Subcontractor mgmt. improvement
    • innovative use of budgets

What the delegates say

“Broadened my views of events by seeing pros and cons of situations”

“Better aware of my strengths and weaknesses.”

“Has helped me to gain perspective, look at the bigger picture and re-focus.”

“Inspired by sharing of ideas in the group and real examples of good delivery.”

“Understanding my own decision making behaviours better”

“Adapting my management style for the more senior role by focusing on how I am perceived ( branding)”

“Improved thinking outside the box for operational / tactical visions and more focus on the bigger picture and long term strategy of the service/engagement “

Leadership Development

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