Emotional Intelligence
in Technical Organisations
5 things you need to know

Emotional Intelligence has been at the forefront of recruitment, training and career progression for a fair number of years. Alongside knowledge, expertise and experience it has become important to develop how we handle ourselves and others around us.

Studies have shown that people who handle their emotions and the emotions of others produce better results.

In technical organisations research shows that the interpersonal aspects of working life score lower than those occupations which are more interactive. 

Information Technology is integrated into most businesses today and the importance of communication with clients, end users and delivery teams (including suppliers), is paramount to success.

With the maturity of Emotional Intelligence in IT organisations lagging, we need to question whether it's development needs to become a higher priority.

For those in IT organisations who are looking to develop up the leadership ladder, developing personal and inter-personal skills can make the difference to success and failure.

Five things to know about
Emotional Intelligence in technical organiations

Self Awareness

Understanding of your personal emotions provides you with valuable information that allows you to have higher control of how you react to different people and situations.

Knowing where your strengths and limits lie allows you to focus on working in those areas where you can operate comfortable, strengthening your self confidence and self worth.

Having this awareness can help to managing emotions and impulses that have been disruptive in the past.
It also allows you to maintaining consistency in standards of openness, honesty and integrity.

It allows you to understand the impact that change has on you and allows you to take ownership of, and be more confident and flexible in, your responses.

Awareness of how others react to you, your successes and your failures, makes you more accountable for those things that come within your ownership.

Social Awareness

Armed with knowledge about yourself leads to starting to understand others. Their strengths an weaknesses and how they react to you. Not only to what you say, but to what you do and how you do things.

You can start to build an intuitive sense of others' feelings and perspectives. What worries and what interests them.

In an IT environment you can start to anticipate, recognise and meet customers, suppliers and your team's needs. You can show an active interest in their concerns and passions.

And leads to recognising people's needs for growth and cultivating opportunities through diverse people

Conflict Management

in delivering technical solutions there are often natural tensions in the workplace and mis-alignment between the stakeholders.

You can develop the skills to allow you to manage any disagreements that arise between employees, customers, and other parties.

The World of Politics

Politics is part of working life.

Build the knowledge and skills for influencing, communicating and Leadership. Build key relationships that grow the collaboration and co-operation needed to achieve shared goals and successes.

Learn to manage, negotiate and resolve disagreements with others that will impact your success

Your own emotional needs

We have spoken a lot about managing emotions and of understanding when others need things in a certain way and adapt to them

One of the most important points to remember is to look after your own personal emotional well-being.

In becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses, work out where you need support and what support you need.
We are all human, not robots.

Build appropriate relationships, adopt supportive techniques, put in workable outlets for your frustrations and maintain your own emotional balance.

Recognise and take action, as appropriate, for your own personal triggers

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