Trans4rm's leadership workshops are highly interactive, high impact workshops.

The workshop engage delegates though theory and experiential activities. There is individual learning and social learning.

We deliver our pre-defined workshops in each topic or, where appropriate we customise to meet organisation needs, such as:

  • situational challenges from your organisation
  • specific key learnings agreed with stakeholders
  • guest speakers from within your organisation
  • guest speakers from industry

Many of our bespoke programmes will take topics from our workshops in order to create a development programme.

Leadership Workshop Structures

Our leadership workshops comprise of three elements.

Pre-event activities

Participants will receive Workshop overview which will include learning outcomes, profiling activities and joining instructions.

In order to make sure that participants get the most out of our workshops they will complete appropriate inventories for their workshops.

We use the PRISM (Neurological based testing) toolset for

  • Behaviour Profiling
  • Team Profiling
  • 360 Feedback
PRISM Brain Mapping
PRISM Brain Mapping

The Agenda

All our workshop participants are provided with a workbook to support the workshop.

The agenda includes

  • How to use the profiles
  • Provision of knowledge in the form of theories, models and methods
  • individual activities
  • group exercises
  • experiential activities
  • Action Planning
  • Opportunities for discussion with other delegates

Post event activities (optional)

All our delegates leave with a personal action plan.

There are other optional follow-on activities that can be included, as appropriate, to embed learning.

  • action to maintain action plan diary
  • Reflective writing exercise
  • Professional Interview
  • Coaching Sessions

Leadership Workshop Outlines

Typical workshops...

Emotional Intelligence

Develop participants ability to understand and manage his or her own emotions, self-control, and those of other people.

Mental Toughness

Developing self-belief, ambition, resilience, self-management, optimism, determination, independence, competitiveness and adaptability

Leadership for Teams

Leadership in teams is fluid, it passes from person to person. We look at formal leadership and informal leadership and how they can work side by side to create high performing teams

Leadership in Change

Leaders arise throughout the change process, it is important to nurture them. Where no natural leaders arise, there is a need to creatively create energy, motivation and purpose

Stakeholder Management as a Leader

Building the relationships and network that encourages, supports and actively helps when need arises

Influencing as a Leaders

Investigating our own personal power, levels of influence and Coalitions.

Communication as a Leader

How we project ourselves to others. We look at personal branding, perceptions of others and how and what we communicate helps or hinders us in achieving success.

Leading Conflict Management

Mastering the art of steering through conflict.

Delegation for Leaders

Maintaining the focus on the end goal and building the trust needed for people to deliver what is delegated.

Leadership for Negotiation

How do we handle negotiation for a win-win when they are both competitive and collaborative
If you would like to find out more about our
programmes and services, please
call us on +44 (0)776 232 8462 or
fill out our enquiry form

If you would like to find out more about our
programmes and services, please
call us on +44 (0)776 232 8462 or
fill out our enquiry form

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