Leadership Development Programmes & Workshops

Our defined leadership development workshops are built on our proven methodology.

We have

  • Open Programmes  (also available in-house)
  • 1-1 Coaching programmes
  • Workshops

Our 1-1 Coaching programmes can also be made available to groups of leaders as open or in-house programmes.

Many of our Open Programmes are currently focused on Project Management. Should there be enough demand for other roles these can be made available.

Open Programmes

1-1 Coaching Programmes

The 1-1 coaching programmes are  designed for senior managers who are new in their roles, or middle managers who are preparing for promotion.

They are aimed at sharpening learners’ critical thinking skills and evaluating their performance.

Each programme is based on individual learning. 

Aim of the programmes.

To enable personal development, autonomy and self-direction in learning and the taking of personal ownership for the processes of planning and reviewing of their own experience and development.

To Develop skills in reflecting holistically on a continuing basis, on experience and learning within a given context over an extended period.

Trans4rm and the ILM

The ILM programmes are either recognised as ILM Recognised Development which are non-assessed or ILM endorsed programmes which are assessed. 

We accredit our leadership development programmes with the ILM as it is the UK’s most recognised and respected awarding body.

What this means for you.

The ILM validate that we have all systems in place to deliver training with regular quality checks and that our programme delivery staff are properly accredited.

That we are experts with real experience of the challenges in the areas that we deliver.

Our values align with the ILM - we don’t believe in development that just tick boxes.

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