Optimism in Abundance

With having optimism in abundance, with thoughts that are naturally positive and opportunities arising from every disaster it is good to check where you are from time to time.

Avoid optimism blindness by analysis and reflective practices. Challenge yourself and work with those that challenge you.

Be aware in changes in your thoughts and emotions. These are symptoms that are warning signs that something needs attention. Listen to your intuition, fine tune your internal radar.

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Certain - Too Certain?

Optimists have a conviction that something is true. They believe that the outcome that they see can be firmly relied on. 

Make sure that you are not over confident and have covered all the basis. For every upside there is a downside and if you need to manage the downside or put in place a plan B make sure that you do so. 

Make sure that your risks are defined and plans in place.

Confident - Over-confident?

People who are over confident sometimes forget to look after themselves. They are focused on the end result and their own needs sometimes get forgotten.

Additionally if you are confident there could be a perception that what you are doing is easy. Managing your brand and others perceptions may require you to communicate the challenges that you are handling.  

Politics can also be a minefield as pessimists make sure they have an environment that cushions themselves. The optimist may not think they need to to this.

Trusting - Too trusting?

Not everyone is as trustworthy and as reliable as an optimist. 

It's important to build community around you that you know. This way you will understand who to trust and who may not be reliable. 

Knowing others is key to making sure that you have a structure in place to manage.

Understanding, for example, those who over-estimates to give themselves enough time to finish a task and those who underestimate as they stand beside you as an optimist will allow you to ride the natural storms.

High Expectations - Expectation Blindness?

As optimists believe that something will happen they often underestimate the effort required to get there. With optimism in abundance it is easy to believe that something is a certainty and energy and effort may reduce.

For success tenacity and focus are important. Check your balance between optimism and the hunger you need to succeed. 

You will often hear that what you are trying to do needs to be a challenge, a stretch. Set your sights high and find a balance which provides optimism, challenge and keeps you hungry. Avoid complacency.

Optimism in abundance - Emotional Shifts

Hope to Doubt

If doubt starts to creep in to your mind. Look for the source. What is knocking your confidence?

Are the foundations of what you are doing solid? Have you covered your basis.

Review where you are and what is causing the doubt? If necessary, analyze what is happening. If you need to raise actions, put actions plans in place to quash those doubts. Do so.

Doubt can be a natural early warning sign.

If you satisfy that your doubt is not valid. Continue with confidence.

Happiness to Misery

Being unhappy can be a warning sign that things that are not under control and manageable. 

Should misery creep into your life, check that everything is on track. That your community and stakeholders understand what is happening and that you have set their expectations. 

You might want to review where you are and what you need to do to get back on track.

Enthusiasm to Indifference

You may be over confident and going ahead without understanding the full details of the work you need to do. Do you know how much you don't know?

Elation to Despair

Have you lost control, it may be important to be tenacious and put that extra effort in to get things back in track. It may be a time when you may want to call on your support network to help.

Delight to Dismay

When there is optimism in abundance dismay can arise when there are unexpected surprises.

This can shake the confidence of someone who believes success is certain. 

If surprises arise that cause dismay, unsettle plans then it might be worth putting in to action impact reviews adn action plans to either get things back on track or re-visit direction and plans

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