Profiles and 360 for use in Personal Development

A case study on the use of profiles and 360 assessments.

The Situation

A coachee had been working towards a promotion and a more senior role. He had put himself forwards twice and had been pushed back. He spoke to his manager in order to understand where he was going wrong.

The coachee received feedback from his manager that he came through as being young. He was told that rhis perception was holding him back.

The Objective

The coachees objective was to work on his behaviour in order to project an image of maturity and competence.


To be comfortable that, when he applied for the promotion he had been working towards for a number of years, he would get a positive result.

The Actions

  1. At the beginning of a coaches executive coaching the following assessments were completed
    • Behavioural / Personality
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Mental Toughness
    • 360 degree feedback
  2. Working with the coachee a definition of ‘what good looks like’ for the role he was targeting
  3. Identification of variances, and thus potential areas of work, were identified
  4. These variances were then prioritised and a number of areas used as a basis for coaching
  5. After 12 months the profiles were repeated
  6. Analysis was carried out to identify the change in variances from the previous results

The Results

  1. After 12 months changes were seen in the assessment results
  2. The coachee received feedback from his manager that there was visible development in certain areas of his behaviour
  3. The overall variance calculated was reduced
  4. A number of individual variances were reduced sufficiently and prioritised down
  5. A number of areas were identified to increase in priority and targeted for development for the next year

And then ...

The coachee discussed the promotion with his manager and it was agreed that it was the right time to go forward to the promotion board.

The coachee was promoted to a more senior position.

Profiles and 360 Assessments

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