Project Management Behaviours

What are 'good' Project Management Behaviours?

A lot of investment has been made in project methodologies over the years, and these are now firmly established. But what about the project manager? A project manager can make or break a project. What happens if you can't find the right person for the role, or if your project isn't delivering the anticipated results?

The most effective way is to ensure that the natural behaviours of the selected candidate are aligned to those of a good project manager and your organisation's culture before even offering the role.

Considering the history of psychometrics and the potential of neuroscience, should organisations be moving towards profiling as a routine part of the resourcing or recruitment process? There are clearly benefits to this approach. Other than the obvious advantage of enabling selection of the 'best fit' for the role, there is the additional benefit of the information it provides for the selected candidate, giving them greater self-awareness which will enable them to carry out the role more effectively.

How do we decide what 'good' looks like for a Project Manager?

The project management community, and many organisations, are currently working towards an understanding of the required behaviours of project managers, and a number of definitions have been put forward. The output from this activity can be used to create profiles.

Project Management Behaviours

Outlined below are a number of behaviours that we believe are critical. They include the traditional behaviours associated with project managers and also the leadership and relational behaviours that are key to working in organisations today:

  • Focused: Single-mindedly works towards deadlines and goals
  • Enthusiastic: Brings energy and is always busy
  • Tolerant of routines:Is tolerant of processes and strong enough to support the detail required for quality and success
  • Evaluative: Constantly analyses information in order to identify potential issues and opportunities
  • Open-minded: Open to new ideas, flexible to client, team and organisational requirements.
  • Leadership: Project Managers need a level of leadership skills. The level required increases as a project manager moves up the career ladder.

    They include:

    • Personal power:Exercises personal power to get things done
    • Self Control: Exercise personal control in order to manage the day to day stresses of the role and maintain personal well-being
    • Inclusive: Avoids exclusion of individuals, discrimination, limitation or stereotypes
    • People oriented: Comfortable with all types of people, interested in people and their thought processes, respectful of personal values
    • Consultative Communication Ability to understand complex issues quickly, to be able to discuss and gather ideas. Gain buy in and support. Act as a role model to the team for openness and honesty in order to foster open communication.
    • Relationship Building. Creating long lasting relationships that can withhold the trials that come with the role and can be supportive when influencing is key.
    • Network Building and Nurturing. Able to build and be an active participant in maintaining and growing a supportive network. Giving as well as taking.
    • Conflict Resolution. Management of differences to avoid escalation and to build a supportive culture within the team and with the sponsors and stakeholders.
    • Negotiation Ability to reach agreement through understanding.
Project Manager Leadership Skills

Additional Sources of Project Management behaviours:

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