Project Management Development
through coaching

If you have completed your project management development by participating in a leadership development course and think you are done. Forget it and think again.

My fist leadership development programme, as a Project Manager in a large global corporation, covered the war at Gettysburg and we learnt about leadership in the context of getting the troops to follow you over the hill.

Interesting, I know!

My first thought was that I didn't want to kill my client and I really wanted to have my team intact after the event.

So hey presto. My first lesson in leadership.

I'm not sure if it was the lesson that I was meant to learn, but it is the one that has stuck with me.

Win Win | happy client | happy project manager |  happy team | happy user
Open Mind | Open to challenge | Coaching

I then discovered the power of coaching and the value of being open in my thinking and being challenged by someone who did not have an agenda or an opinion.

For me, someone who was experienced in a leadership position who had the credibility and experience to make the right challenge and not let me have a 'get away'

Clear, direct challenge to make me think. 

And I've been thinking ever since!

From there on in I  have been and am the master of my own destiny and there is help all along the way.

Project Management development.
How do you set your direction as the master of your own destiny?

Step 1 Get your own coach and get in to the coaching mind-set

We all come out of leadership development programmes full of hope and energy for the future.

If you don't have a coach to take you forward then get one.

Make sure that you choose a coach that meets the needs of the next stage of your development.

The same coach wont take you through each step. Make sure that you have a coach that can support your needs at the time.

coaching | select the right coach for you

In order to sustain the learning approach, set getting a coaching
mind-set as one of your objectives.

Step 2. Learn the process of reflection and make it a habit.

Mastering self-reflection against your expectation, industry business models and leadership coaching models is key.

Learn to look at yourself objectively and identify areas for development.

Thinking | Reflecting | Development
self coaching | reflection | thinking | actions

Step 3. Learn to be your own coach.

Once you have mastered identifying areas for development identify those areas that you can develop through self coaching.

Self-coaching need not be done on it's own. There are plenty of guidance, coaching exercises and coaching models about.

Step 4. Understand when self coaching is not enough.

For those areas where you feel that self-coaching is not appropriate then choose a way forwards.

Whether you make a decision early to go outside self-coaching or find that you are struggling. Be honest with yourself and take the step. Don't get stuck.

Step 5. Decide on the learning approach that suits you best in order to meet your situational development needs.

  • Go to your support network for help
  • 1-1 programmes
  • group programmes that gives you social learning and support

The next step for project management development? 

Back to step 1. Learn for a lifetime.

Some areas for further project management development are 

...and many more

Organizations must learn to self develop and as individuals we must learn to take education and training into our own hands.

Jacob Morgan

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