Self-motivation happens...

…when you have positive outlook

…when you have a passion for what you do

...when you are optimistic and believe your aim can be reality

…when you are healthy and your energy is high

…and your mind is sharp

When you are self-motivated work is not hard...

…. It provides its own energy and re-generates itself.

Conditions for self-motivation

What you’re aiming for...

  • you great reward
  • outside your comfort zone
  • ...means you have to fight for it

Nurturing your Self Motivation

Enabling you to stay self-motivated longer.

  • surround yourself with people who lift you
  • keep learning
  • keep a record (mental or physical) that allows you to reflect
  • reflect on your progress 
  • re-set your plans from experience to date
  • Build your support network
  • Be part of others support network and help them
  • Learn to get the balance is right for you between challenge and the ordinary and keep that balance

When you search for your self-motivation and discover you can't find it, play the music that sets your toes tapping and gets you on your feet and makes you dance.

In order to get yourself back to self motivation, you need to know what will get you there.

  1. Understand what motivates you.
    ...what type of work do you like doing
    ...where do you step from your comfort zone to a challenge far can you travel from your comfort zone before you get stressed
    ...where is your energy source, what you need to do to re-fuel
    ...Understand who in your support network can help lift you. Some people can lift you up. If you don't have these in your network then find them and build a relationship
  2. Understand what de-motivates you
    Identify what has put you in a place where you are de-motivated. Learn to recognise the signs of how you ended up there.
  3. Watch out for how you get back to your zone. Learn to understand what type of triggers you need to get back to your zone. This may be through taking time out,  reviewing how far you've cone or visualising the end result. Learn to use your negative emotions to identify the particular remedy you need
  4. Always test your remedies and also look for new ones that may work better

Understand and accept that there will be times when things look bleak, you're energy will be low and your head will not be in the right place.

Don't give up.
Choose to look for your forwards.

Every smart choice you make will let you grow in ways you can not imagine.

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