Tactical to Strategic
Management Development

Are you ...

...looking to exhibit readiness for promotion from manager to director

...new in a directors role

...looking to develop in a directors role

...looking to increase your self awareness and grow your confidence

Outcomes from the programme:

  • awareness of personal identity and understand how this affects how others see you both as a leader
  • understanding of the growth and mindset changes that are aligned with the leadership journey from a tactical to strategic focus
  • identify any desired development and take some of these and some associated techniques to the workplace and keep a coaching journal
  • personal development, autonomy and self-direction in learning
  • ownership for personal reflection, planning and development
  • Deep, embedded learning through reflective writing

The programme uses

  • 360 degree feedback
  • personal behaviour profiles, neuroscience based
  • Management and leadership theory and coaching models, as appropriate
  • objective and action plan for coaching
  • reflective journal for completion
  • Reflective writing assignment
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