Talent Identification

A case study for Talent Identification

The Situation

Whilst delivering a 12 month development programme:

The client asked….. Who has potential to go further?

The first question…. Where are they going?

The Objective

The client objective was to identify a percentage of professionals from the current development programme to go on for further development.

The Actions

  • We clarified that the approach that we would be taking would be providing information on best fit for behaviours, and that this alone would not provide all information needed for decision making.
  • The client agreed that this approach would provide input to the overall decision process.
  • Based on the assumption that people performing to their strengths and their natural behaviours we set out to define what ‘good’ looked like.
    • Interview with Sponsor
    • Input from programme delegates
    • Analysis of Terms of Reference for Role
    • Review of company strategy
    • Review of company values
    • Definition of natural behaviours
  • From the information gathered we defined an ‘ideal’ behaviour profile
  • We then ran a ‘best fit’ analysis which ranked the delegates from closest fit to ‘least fit’.
  • This activity has been added as standard practice for the development programme for the client.

The Results

  1. 'Best Fit’ register available 
  2. Group behavioural mix – combined and individual strengths available
  3. 'Ideal’ profile available for use by delegates as input to individual and role development activities
  4. On-going information available to refine baseline ‘ideal’ profile

And then ...

We have three years of information available to feed the leadership pipeline.

Information is available of the mix of the group that can be used to strengthen the role throughout the organisation. It can also be used to shape the natural behaviours of professionals in the role going forwards.

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Talent Identification

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